5–13 October 2024


Understanding Neurodiversity: A Journey Through Literature

Understanding Neurodiversity: A Journey Through Literature

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Tuesday, October 1 2024, 10:00 am


Springfield Central Library, Sirius Drive, Springfield Central QLD, Australia

Dive into the heart of neurodiversity with us! We’re thrilled to invite you to our special event, “Understanding Neurodiversity: A Journey Through Literature,” featuring the insightful novel “Distracted Dreams” by Tanatsa Lucas. This unique gathering is more than just an event – it’s an exploration, an education, and a celebration of diverse minds.

Why you should attend:
– 📘 Experience “Distracted Dreams”: Journey through the life of Aisha, a young girl with ADHD and mild ASD, set in a vibrant African town of the 1990s. Her story is one of courage, challenges, and triumphs – a mirror to many untold experiences.
– 💬 Engaging Panel Discussion: Hear from mental health experts, educators, and inspiring individuals with lived experiences. Engage in meaningful dialogue that bridges literature and reality.
– 🎨 Interactive Workshops: Participate in creative and immersive workshops designed to deepen your understanding of neurodiversity. It’s learning, with a twist of fun!
– 🤝 Community Connection: Meet and mingle with a community passionate about mental health awareness. Share stories, make connections, and find support.
– 🎁 Resource Sharing: Take home valuable resources and insights into mental health and neurodiversity.

Who should attend:
– Book lovers and literary enthusiasts
– Individuals interested in mental health and neurodiversity
– Educators and students
– Mental health professionals
– Families and friends of individuals with ADHD or ASD
– Anyone seeking a supportive and informative community experience

Join us for a day of discovery and connection!
Let’s break down barriers, build understanding, and celebrate the beauty of diverse minds together. We can’t wait to see you there!

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