5–13 October 2024

Get involved

There are countless ways to be a part of Queensland Mental Health Week (QMHW). Simply participate in a way that’s meaningful to you or your community.

If you want to host your own event, we’ve stepped it out below. Remember to make an effort to be inclusive of everyone.

Event starter kit
Event ideas
Register your event
Prepare for your event
Promote your event

Who should get involved?

Individuals & community groups

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People power drives Queensland Mental Health Week

QMHW is a reminder that we all have mental health. When you look after your wellbeing, your family, friends and neighbours, your communities are uplifted too.

  • Get your local schools, councils, community groups, and sporting organisations involved in events and activities
  • Take time for your mental health by engaging in activities that boost your wellbeing
  • Consider how can you make communities and activities that you are involved in more welcoming, open or easier to access for those experiencing difficulty with their mental health and wellbeing
  • Spread the word about QMHW and share help-seeking resources amongst your communities!


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Great ways businesses can support Queensland Mental Health Week

Mentally healthy workplaces benefit all employees, their families, organisations and the broader community, while mental health stigma and discrimination pose significant barriers to participation in the workforce and many other areas of life.

Schools & universities

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Learn lifelong life skills

Childhood and adolescence provide key opportunities to develop the foundations for good mental health and prevent mental health problems.

  • Approach the Principal or Student Wellbeing Officer at your school and ask about participating
  • Hold classroom activities using our school resources
  • Show your support for an event being held in the community
  • Schools can submit for the QMHW Achievement Awards ‘Schools’ category
  • Universities can organise events for students or support those that are held by the student guild, clubs, or individuals
  • University staff can also coordinate light ups on campus to raise awareness.
Event starter kit

Event starter kit

Your event how-to

Get your event planning underway with our helpful event starter kit. It includes ideas, suggestions, and tools to help make your event a roaring success.

Event ideas

There are many ways to make a difference

For easy to organise event ideas, how about:

  • a morning tea or lunch get-together
  • a family fun day with bikes, pets, or a picnic
  • an information booth at the local shopping centre, library, or community markets
  • an art or photography competition, or even a cook-off

A place in the community

Every community has its hubs. Find yours and you’re well on the way to getting the perfect venue for your event. Think about:

  • the local parklands or beach
  • your workplace or school
  • sports/hobby clubs
  • local shopping centres
  • community centres

Just remember to get permission from any local authorities.

Register your event

Events with benefits

Registered Queensland Mental Health Week events will get:

  • their own page on the Queensland Mental Health Week website
  • the Queensland Mental Health Week logo to use on social media, posters, flyers, and on your website
  • a spot literally ‘on the map’
  • automatic subscription to Queensland Mental Health Week eNews

Support for your event

Make your event official.

Register now
Prepare for your event

Planning is key

Success favours the prepared, so:

Promote awareness

Get resources
Promote your event

Be social media savvy

When you register an event, you’ll make it easier for people to find out you are participating in QMHW. But remember, sharing is caring, so you can also:

  • like, comment on, and share Queensland Mental Health Week posts with your followers
  • tag us in your social media posts so we can help promote your event
  • share information, news, and resources on Queensland Mental Health Week
  • consider creating event pages (such as on Facebook/Eventbrite) to promote your event and record attendance
  • alert local media, especially if you’re hosting a large public event

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