7–15 October 2023

Media resources

The media is a key source of information about mental health for the public, and research shows media coverage can influence public attitudes and perceptions of mental ill-health. We expect many incredible, informative, and inclusive events and activities to occur for Queensland Mental Health Week and hope Queensland media outlets will show their support by covering them.

To help media outlets report on QMHW, each year we produce a media kit with key information on the awareness-raising initiative, as well as tips for safe, responsible coverage. We have included some statistics and links to additional information that may prove useful for your story.

Mindframe is a key source of information on safe media reporting. The suite of Mindframe national guidelines were developed to support safe and accurate media reporting, portrayal, and communication of suicide, mental ill-health and Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) to reduce stigma and encourage help-seeking behaviour.

2023 Queensland Mental Health Week Media Kit

Reporting suicide and mental ill-health: A Mindframe resource for media professionals

‘Journalists and media staff as parents and carers’ factsheet by Emerging Minds