7–15 October 2023

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For mental health resources and links to mental health support services, please visit our Find help page.

Please note: The use of the QMHW logo is only permissible by those that register an event on the QMHW website (can be a public or private event). The use of QMHW assets, artwork, or logos for commercial uses is strictly forbidden.

Informing the visual identity for the QMHW resources is the artwork ‘Stronger connection creates strong health’ by Leah Cummins. Read more about the artwork here.

Queensland Mental Health Week Logo

2023 Editable Poster

2023 Event Starter Kit

2023 Communication Kit

PowerPoint template

Affirmation cards (print and cut out)

Bunting (instructions on page)

Teams/Zoom background

Screensaver/Desktop background

Email signature

Mood Food Healthy catering for QMHW events sheet