8-14 October 2017
Value mental health
Reproduced with permission from Richmond Fellowship Queensland
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Mental health is valuable
Queensland Mental Health Week
helps us to
Value mental health:

Our own mental health and wellbeing, that of our loved ones, friends and colleagues, at home, at work and at play.

Planning for 2017 Queensland Mental Health Week will begin shortly.  In the meantime, there are ways to stay in touch.  Contact us or sign up to our e-news for Queensland Mental Health Week in 2017.

Queensland Mental Health Week coincides with World Mental Health Day on 10 October each year.

Although the dates for next year are not yet confirmed, Queensland Mental Health Week is likely to take place 8-14 October 2017.


Mental wellbeing is not a destination, but a process


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Mental wellbeing is not a destination, but a process

Sarah de Visser

Loving Wellness

Be mentally fit and healthy – exercise your mind


Brisbane Lifesaving Service

No health without mental health

Jaye Fleming

Renew Health Retreat

I want to

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