5–13 October 2024

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Benefits of registration

By registering, your event will be acknowledged as an official Queensland Mental Health Week event.

Gain access to all the benefits including:

  1. your own page on the Queensland Mental Health Week website
  2. the Queensland Mental Health Week logo to use on social media, posters, flyers and on your website
  3. the option to be mentioned in our communications
  4. your event will literally ‘be on the map’
  5. automatic subscription to Queensland Mental Health Week eNews.


Events will not be listed immediately after registration. Please allow for the event to be manually added by the QMHW team (who work part-time and during business hours).

When you submit your form successfully a page will come up thanking you for your registration. If this does not appear there has been an error with your registration. You can check:

  • that you have filled in all the information, including the location
  • the files you have uploaded are standard in nature and size (.jpeg/.png photos are safe)
  • that you are using a common Internet browser, such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

If there is an error with your registration please email info@qldmentalhealthweek.org.au with the details of your event and the team will help you.

Public or private event?

Some events are best kept small or private. We get that. You can still have the benefits of registering your event, without the location public.

Public event: your event is published and promoted on the website as being open to the whole community.

To help people contact you directly to discuss being involved in your event, you can place contact details in the event description, including an email address and/or phone number that you are happy being public. This is particularly relevant for events wanting volunteers, stallholders, etc. The information you enter into the organiser details section will not be shown.

Private events: an event that is not open to the public, but will be listed on the website minus location details, e.g. a closed workplace or school event.

It goes without saying we respect your privacy. No personal contact details will be published. Your personal details are collected for site administration and event promotion and coordination purposes only.

Please read the IMPORTANT INFORMATION above, before filling in your registration form.

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