How do you take time? Emerging artist Laura utilises creative outlets

When it comes to mental health, we are all different and what works for one of us may not work for another. That’s why we’re asking Queenslanders to share how they ‘Take time – for mental health’ this Queensland Mental Health Week (QMHW).

Laura Lewis, whose first solo art exhibition is available for viewing during QMHW, says her art is very representative of finding the balance to live a productive life.

Living in Quandamooka Country, Laura started painting in January 2020 after an ADHD diagnosis, a coexisting condition with her mental illness and autism diagnosis.

“I am now an emerging artist and use creative outlets for mindfulness and self-care,” she said.

Laura has lived with chronic mental illness for over ten years and has been a hardworking and respected disability sector advocate. She has spoken at Parliament House in Canberra, TEDxBrisbane, and many other events.

“I talk about living, thriving with, and supporting my mental illness,” she said.

As well as a time to reflect on our own mental health, Queensland Mental Health Week is also an opportunity to look at how we can break down the stigma associated with mental illness and reach out to people we know who need support.

“I believe we are doing our youth a massive disservice by perpetuating the stigma surrounding mental illness,” Laura said.

“I believe we need to hear more from people with lived experience rather than clinicians.

“I know without a doubt the more our state invests in prevention and intervention the better it will be for all.”

Those who wish to see Laura’s solo art exhibition Dandelions! Weeds or wishes? can do so by visiting the Hope Street Café (15 Hope Street, South Brisbane). The exhibition launched on September 30 and will run all through October. 25% of proceeds from all sales including prints will be donated to Micah Projects.

Laura Lewis.

Want to share how you take time for mental health? You can join the conversation on social media using the hashtags #QMHW and #QMHWTakeTime.


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