10-18 October 2020


On this page, you will find a range of Queensland Mental Health Week resources to share on social media.

The shareables have been designed in a square format so they can be used on both Facebook and Instagram.

Make sure to use the official QMHW hashtag, which is #QMHW, on any posts you create.

You can also add #QMHWTakeTime to acknowledge the 2020 QMHW theme. This hashtag will also be part of a social media challenge that will be taking place in October 2020.

Queensland Mental Health Week social media image

Take time for mental health

Take time to connect more

Take time to embrace nature

Take time to get healthy

Take time to keep learning

Take time to show kindness

Take time to take notice

Take time to connect, heal and respect

Take time to connect (dance)

Take time to connect (hands)