10-18 October 2020

Health and Wellbeing Expo 2020 @ Bentley Park College

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Monday, November 16 2020, 10:00 am


Bentley Park College

Bentley Park College’s event for Queensland Mental Health Week had to be delayed due to COVID restrictions and as Senior Students have had a change to their Exam schedules so they will be holding it in November this year. 

This is the 3rd Health and Wellbeing Expo being held at the College.

Each year Bentley Park College focus on the QMHW theme and arrange for local organisations to attend to provide a stall to share information to support young people during their schooling or following them leaving school.

Several stakeholders from the community will be set up with marquees providing information to support students. Stakeholders involved will include community organisations, universities, training and employment organisations and recreational organisations.

Mental Health focused activities will be provided during lunchtime for students to celebrate QMHW.

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