10-18 October 2020

QMHW @ Annandale Christian College

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Wednesday, October 14 2020, 9:00 am


Annandale Christian College


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This event at Annandale Christian College during Queensland Mental Health Week will maximise community awareness of, and engagement in mental health, particularly in the college, educating about mental health to adolescent teenagers, offering them the tools and approaches they should adopt to lead a mentally healthy life.

Information will be presented in a series of age-targeted information seminars conducted by mental health experts.

This event will also help decrease the stigma around struggling with mental health, with the inclusion of all people groups, particularly refugee and recent immigrant children new to the college.

By providing this knowledge and these strategies to the Annandale community, overall community awareness can be maximised by sharing the newfound knowledge, understanding and skills, therefore beginning the process of leading a mentally healthy life for all.

To further this awareness a number of events such as sausage sizzles, lunchtime games and challenges will be organised. These activities will also be designed to create and promote connections within the college community and create an environment where people can be open with what they are dealing with.

Promoting self-care will result in a boost of self-confidence within the student body and increase a supportive school environment where all members can respond to those experiencing difficulties with mental health in a knowledgeable, respectful and supportive way.

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